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The Gotthard Pass lies at around 2106 meters above sea level and is the king of the Alpine passes. Cultures and language regions meet at the gateway to the south of Switzerland.
The Gotthard is probably the mountain about which there are the most myths and the most Swiss traffic history to tell. The story of the Gotthard route is one of the long struggle and triumph of men over wild nature.
You can either take the longest historical Swiss monument, the Roman cobblestone “Tremola” road with its hairpin bends, or you can choose the newer road. There is a viewpoint above Airolo where you can take a break and enjoy the panoramic view over the Leventina.
Three public buses (Airolo-Andermatt) run daily during the summer months. For cycling enthusiasts, the Tremola road is a unique experience.
At the top of the pass, you can stop for refreshments at the hospice. For the curious, we recommend a visit to the national St. Gotthard Museum or the Sasso San Gottardo themed exhibition.
Spending the night on the Gotthard Pass is a unique experience: whether a simple room in the Albergo or a comfortable room in the recently renovated Ospizio.
Museo Nazionale del San Gottardo: in the Museo, guests can immerse themselves in the history of the international transport route. The visit shows in a lively and varied way everything about the economic, strategic and economic development of the region.
Sasso San Gottardo: a hidden world deep inside the mountain that can be discovered on a tour through the more than three kilometers of tunnels and caverns. In the Gotthard Fortress, you can feel the breath of history: hidden ammunition magazines, troop shelters, cannon positions, a spectacular viewing platform and a chamber of wonders with treasures made of rock crystals will amaze you.
Photo spot on the Grand Tour of Switzerland: the vantage point offers a wonderful view over the Tremola with its 24 hairpin bends. Impressive!
Five lakes circular hike: this breathtakingly beautiful hike leads from the Gotthard Pass past the five mountain lakes, the Lago di Lucendro, the Laghi della Valletta, the Laghi d’Orsirora, the Lago d’Orsino and the Lago della Piazza, back to the Gotthard Pass.