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Our region stretches from the Chablais plain to the summit of the Diablerets glacier at 3210 meters. Start your visit at a depth of over 600 meters in the Bex saltworks. Continue with a dip in the Bains de Lavey, Switzerland’s hottest thermal spring. With your head above water, continue your journey through the vineyards of Bex and Ol- lon, which give birth to authentic crus, forged in soil with a unique character. As you gain altitude, notice the increasingly distinctive chalets of Gryon, a village with a mountain atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Just a few kilometers away, in Villars, old ancestral chalets stand side by side with more recent constructions in wood and stone. Experience this modern resort on a natural, south-facing balcony. In summer, take the Col de la Croix road, which winds through an alpine landscape with centuries-old traditions such as the production of Etivaz, the regional cheese. Cross the pass and head for the authentic village of Les Diablerets, nestled beneath an imposing mountain range. In Les Diablerets, legends and customs combine with sporting pleasures and the joys of eternal snow thanks to the glacier.


Villars lies in the heart of the Vaud Alps, at an altitude of 1,300 m, on a natural, south-facing balcony. For over 150 years, the resort has offered a wide range of sports and leisure activities for families and visitors of all ages, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. All vacation pleasures are offered in an idyllic setting, with breathtaking panoramic views stretching from Lake Geneva to Mont Blanc. Just 120 kilometers from Geneva and 30 kilometers from Montreux, the urban world is at your fingertips. The Villars resort has managed to retain its village feel, despite strong growth in tourism, thanks to a building policy designed to maintain architectural homogeneity. Old ancestral chalets stand side by side with more recent constructions in wood and stone, all designed to maintain a harmony that blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings. The presence of numerous protected areas also ensures that nature remains unspoiled. As a result, guests will find a typical mountain atmosphere, conducive to escape and relaxation, as well as superb views. Villars belongs to the commune of Ollon, which covers a vast area. In the charming village of Ollon, a gentle way of life reigns. The narrow streets are lined with beautiful historic buildings, including the 13th-century Château de la Roche. Ollon is surrounded by vineyards. As you gradually gain altitude, you can discover the 23 scattered hamlets that lead to Villars.

The small village of Saint-Triphon is one of them. Renowned for its “black marble” quarries, which were exploited from the 16th to the 20th century, St-Triphon stone was already used in ancient times, and its glaisières were exploited in Roman times, enabling the construction of numerous buildings throughout Switzerland.

The Commune’s summit, the Grand Chamossaire, rises to an altitude of 2120m.