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Regensdorf, also known casually as Rägi, is located just a few kilometers west of Kloten Airport and the center of the city of Zurich in the Zurich Unterland. The municipality with the districts of Regensdorf, Adlikon and Watt has developed rapidly since the 1960s. The former farming village became one of the largest industrial areas in the canton of Zurich with around 10,000 jobs. During this time, the population has grown from 4,997 to 19,863 inhabitants as at 31.01.2024. Nowhere is there as much construction as in Regensdorf, where urgently needed living space is being created. In Regensdorf Nord, right next to Regensdorf train station, a completely new district is being created, Zwhatt, a natural urban landscape with various squares and places, meadows, an avenue, lots of water and the tallest wooden high-rise in Switzerland.

The booming municipality offers its residents a high recreational value. With the Altberg, the Lägern and the Katzensee, there are three local recreation areas that can be reached on foot or by bike. Around eighty clubs with sporting, cultural and artistic activities characterize the social and cultural life in Rägi. The Wisacher sports complex offers athletes from many disciplines optimal training opportunities with a large gymnasium and outdoor facilities. A well-stocked library, a community museum and the cultural association “kultuRegensdorf”, with its concerts and theater performances, enrich community life.

The medieval castle of Alt-Regensberg, the Reformed Church, the granary, the Upper Church and other sights complete the picture. Regensdorf is both an industrial location and an attractive place to live: a lively town, a lively village, Regensdorf.

The Tour de Suisse has never been a guest in Regensdorf. The Regensdorf Cycling Club is extremely pleased to be able to organize this unique event. After the start of the men’s race in Vaduz, the stage to Regensdorf will follow on Monday, June 10.