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About Carì

The village of Carì lies on the eastern flank of the Leventina Valley on a sunny terrace at an altitude of over 1,600 meters above sea level. The 11 km long main road with numerous hairpin bends connects Carì with the village of Faido, 900 m below. A wide, scenic and pleasant road for tourists – a real challenge as the final stage of the 5th leg of the Tour de Suisse 2024.


Thanks to the ski lifts, the village has developed into one of the most popular Alpine tourist resorts in the canton of Ticino over the last 70 years. Visitors can enjoy themselves on the groomed ski slopes in winter or take a hike in the beautiful natural surroundings in summer. A magical place, always under the sun, ideal for families, skiers, paragliders and everyone else. Although there are only a dozen permanent residents today, the active population of the village grows massively in summer and winter thanks to the almost 500 second homes.


The village of Carì is just one of the gems of the municipality of Faido, the capital of the Leventina district. However, Faido offers even more attractions: in the heart of the village, visitors can admire the monument erected in 1986 in honor of Stefano Franscini, the breathtaking Piumogna waterfall, the beautiful Gole del Piottino and over 20 churches scattered throughout the various districts of the municipality, including the famous Cappella di S.G. Battista di Calonico, which was built in 1642 and is considered one of the oldest churches in the world.