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Ambrì belongs to the municipality of Quinto; the village of Quinto is on the left side of the upper Leventina The parish church is dedicated to San Pietro and San Paolo; the first evidence of this dates back to 1227. The municipality of Quinto is made up of numerous towns and hamlets, of which we list the most important ones here, namely Altanca, Ronco, Deggio, Catto, Lurengo, Varenzo, Ambrì and Piotta. The last two are at the bottom of the valley and are better known because they are home to the Ice Hockey Club HCAP (Hockey Club Ambrì-Piotta). In Piotta, near the “Centrale FSS”, there is the valley station of the Ritom funicular, built in 1921 for the construction of the hydroelectric power station of the same name for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). With a maximum gradient of 87.8%, it is one of the steepest publicly operated funiculars in the world.

Val Piora and Lake Ritom

The Piora Valley is one of the unique natural areas and offers countless opportunities to escape from everyday life, to enjoy peace and quiet, to experience untouched landscape and to experience unforgettable moments on beautiful walks or hikes.

The most important mountain lake in Ticino, with a size of 1.49 km2, can be easily reached with the legendary cable car. In 1917 the first dam was built, with which the lake was used for the generation of hydroelectric energy. This is still of great importance for the entire Leventina valley.

Visitors reach the Piora Valley and the stunning landscape with the famous Ritom funicular, one of the steepest in the world. Once you have arrived at the mountain station of the funicular, you can go on numerous walks – a hiker’s paradise between heaven and earth!

Lake Ritom stands out as a perfect place where you can find relaxation and rest. A unique panorama is reflected on the surface of Lake Ritom, which makes you forget everyday life. Passionate hikers will also get their money’s worth. The area around the lake is the starting point for numerous hikes, MtB routes and unforgettable walks.

The nature trail created on the right side of the lake in 2009 invites visitors of all ages to explore the indescribable natural beauty around the lake, and from a gastronomic point of view, the region is best known for its famous and tasty Piora alpine cheese.

Center for Alpine Biology

The Val Piora area has a remarkable variety of botanical, faunal and geological elements. This circumstance has made this area a popular destination for scientists and researchers who are attracted by the natural features of our region. Lake Cadagno, in the heart of Val Piora, is in fact a destination for numerous researchers from all over the world.

In 1994, the Piora Center for Alpine Biology was officially opened in the presence of Federal Councilor Ruth Dreifuss. The structure is open to universities, technical colleges, high schools and colleges and forms the center of scientific research in the Ritom-Piora region. It is attended by a large number of researchers who are still studying or have already graduated.

In addition to the university courses, the center is also open to higher schools and the general public. It is also suitable for seminars, workshops and conferences with scientific and educational content related to institutions and universities.