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Ascona-Locarno region distinguishes itself by its intriguing mix of lake and mountains: the Mediterranean atmosphere, exclusive and lively on Lake Maggiore gives way, through the valleys, to a wilder landscape, distinguished by typical villages and an idyllic countryside.

Known to many as the city on the Verbano where the “Locarno Treaties” were signed. The old part of town, known as Città Vecchia, is full of surprises and interesting discoveries with its boutiques, cafés, palaces, churches and the Visconti Castle. The narrow and historic alleys all lead to the famous Piazza Grande, the heart of the city.

If you are in Locarno, you should take the time to make a trip to the local mountain Cardada Cimetta. In less than ten minutes you are in the middle of nature, high above the town and enjoy a fabulous view over Locarno, Lake Maggiore with the Maggia delta, the valleys and Italy. Furthermore, you can see the lowest (Lago Maggiore, 193 m above sea level) and the highest (Dufour Peak, 4634 m above sea level) point of Switzerland at the same time.

Events and culture

Locarno is the city of film on Lake Maggiore and the ideal starting point for excursions into the surrounding valleys. Between culture, lake and mountains, it is the perfect holiday destination to relax or enjoy the best entertainment. From the renowned Locarno Film Festival, the most important film festival in Switzerland, to the Moon&Stars concerts, where international music stars get the audience dancing in a unique setting, from the fairytale Winterland, the lively winter event in the centre of the city, to folk festivals and the weekly market. The Piazza offers unique experiences that reflect both the rich tradition and innovative creativity.

But there are also numerous museums, art galleries and tours to get to know the city and its history better. Locarno is also adorned by various gardens and parks. Like the Camellia Park, which is home to more than thousand species of camellia and is in full bloom, especially in March, when the annual Locarno Camellia exhibition takes place.

The valleys – outdoor paradise

Leaving the lake and the palm trees, one encounters lush green vegetation and pristine nature surrounded by majestic peaks: with its enchanting ambience, typical Ticino villages, history and culture, the valleys are magical places and all-season destinations for excursions. They offer countless possibilities in terms of recreational activities and are a true paradise for outdoor lovers. 1400 km of hiking trails lead through the amazing alpine mountain scenery, challenging and easy cycling tours, climbing high above the valley floor and swimming in the emerald green rivers are just a few of them. If you are exploring the territory with an e-bike, you will find charging stations throughout the region to recharge the batteries.

Gastronomy and accommodations

Anyone who has ever been to Ticino knows that good food and local products are very important for the Ticinese. The numerous sunny days, the warm climate and the fertile soils contribute to the fact that on Lake Maggiore a huge variety of natural products can be found and are made into “km 0” dishes in the restaurants. So, a visit to a traditional grotto or restaurant on the lake promenade is essential.

With numerous accommodation options and campsites, everyone will find a place to stay that meets their needs.

Discover the Ascona-Locarno region and spend unforgettable days in a Mediterranean atmosphere in Switzerland’s sunniest region.